Harriet and myself (Will) headed up to Nottingham last weekend for  my first ever BioBlitz experience at Rushcliffe Country Park.  It was a  wonderful setting and it was a shame for us that by the time we had  walked, train-journeyed, bussed and walked again to the event it was  nearly the end! For most people anyway: those who were entering the  event’s findings onto computers are probably still doing it now and  may well be months from now as the Nottingham BioBlitz looks to  have found a record number of species (watch this space)! Harriet and  I busied ourselves capturing volunteers trying to escape homewards  to fill in evaluation forms in exchange for T-shirts and watched the  release of some very confused moths.  Then it was time to begin the  journey back to the west country (after ice-cream)! Many congratulations to the organisers Chris and Sarah on a great event and many thanks to all the volunteers and naturalists who helped it happen! I can now look forward to passing myself off as an old-hand at the Mini-BioBlitz in Brandon Hill Park, Bristol (12-3pm) this weekend, come and join us there!